14 October 2011

Seven (give or take a few)

SeattleDad over at Luke I am Your Father - one of my favorite Dad Bloggers - posted this fun little meme the other day and "tagged" me to suggest I might like to try it, too. You know what? He was right. This is kinda neat. And, hey, it's not like I have a lot of fresh content on here lately. Might as well delve into the archives for a bit of fun, eh?

MOST BEAUTIFUL: This is a tough one to start with. I'm not sure that anything I write is "beautiful". Still, if anything comes close to it, I suspect it must be this: Moments in a Life Well-Lived - the eulogy I delivered at my Grandfather's funeral.

MOST HELPFUL: I'm not so much with the helpful. Unless you find sarcasm to be therapeutic? But I suppose You Must Be This Tall to Ride - my Disneyland-in-a-Day plan - must have something useful for some people, because I still get a ton of hits on it every week. Or maybe people just like the picture. *shrugs*

MOST POPULAR: Going by visitor stats, I get tons of hits on this post every single day ... but I suspect that is because it has the word "chicks" and a three-letter word for your posterior in the same sentence. (Didn't post the title because I already feel bad enough for accidentally diverting people looking for hot bums to my post about fictional heroines. Sorry guys, I'm not intentionally misleading your pr0n searches, I swear!) BUT ... going by comments, this post is probably one of my more popular posts: I'm not an extrovert, but I play one on the interwebs

MOST CONTROVERSIAL: I'm about as non-confrontational as they come. But I do have opinions about controversial specific topics and I don't mind sharing them. I'd like to think I usually do so in a rational manner rather than in a trollish tone. Whatever the reason, I can't say as I've ever had any real "controversy" about a post. Maybe it's just because my readers are all so nice? ;) Still, if there were any controversy to be found, I suspect it would be either in my annual Xmas Rant or one of my numerous posts in support of Same Sex Marriage.

MOST SURPRISINGLY SUCCESSFUL: This little meme surprised me not only because it just seemed to flow so easily that it almost wrote itself, but also because it turned out that other people seemed to like it too: Where I'm From

MOST UNDERRATED: This is a tough one. Because saying a post is underrated is like saying it "deserves" more attention. I don't write for attention. I write because I love to write. Because it helps me process my thoughts. And sometimes just because it's fun. I do enjoy interaction with readers: Those "oh-wow-we-have-something-in-common" moments are great. But I don't think my posts "deserve" attention or comments. Still, if I have to choose ... I quite like this post, which I don't think many people have seen: I know it's here somewhere

MOST PRIDEWORTHY: Next to my post about my grandfather's death, this is probably my favorite. Again, this one just seemed to flow with no effort. It's simple and yet, I like to think, somewhat poetic. But if life were made of moments, then you'd never know you had one

(Yes, I know I totally cheated and linked up more than one post for couple of those topics. I'm indecisive. Sue me. ;) And now I'm going to cheat again by linking to my Best Of page and suggesting that you might find other interesting reads there or elsewhere in my archives. Ooo, I feel like such a meme-rebel.)

Now, the rules of this meme are that I should pass this along to seven other Bloggers. Well, I think I've just proven I'm not much for following rules. But, in this case, I'm happy to oblige, because I'm always happy to help point people to blogs I enjoy. I don't know if they'll want to play along and post their own 7x7 links. But, even if they don't, these are seven links that are worth clicking over to. Good reads. Seriously. :)
  1. TheOneSFD
  2. DaddyGeekBoy
  3. Brutalism
  4. Didactic Pirate 
  5. Honea Express
  6. Pet Cobra
  7. HipMamaB

Oooh, that was harder than I thought to just list seven! Let me channel my inner rebel again and suggest that you should check the "Blogs You Should Read" section in my sidebar for more links to smart folks. AND, if you are so inclined, I invite you to try this meme, too, even if I didn't "tag" you! If you do, please share the link! I'd love to read it!

Resting on my laurels,

PS: You really should click over and visit LIAYF, too. Not only is he a great blogger, he's a great dad and a great husband and that really shines through in his writing. I'm absolutely terrible about leaving comments (anywhere) lately. But I still love reading his posts. Plus: He and his wife are planning to adopt and YOU just might be able to help! So go say "hi" to him and the Missus and their adorable son, will ya? ;)