24 February 2011

Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you

Seems like every time I read a news article lately, that little spot right between my shoulder blades starts to tighten up and I find myself clenching my teeth. Gee, I wonder why ...
  • Members of Congress are trying to do an end-run around a woman's right to choose when and how to reproduce by cutting Federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which, by the way, offers a hell of a lot of necessary health services for a hell of a lot of women who might not otherwise have access to them.
  • On a similar front, legislators in Nebraska and Georgia have apparently lost their ever-lovin' minds and are trying to pass laws that 1) Make miscarriage a crime, punishable by the death penalty, and 2) Make murder of an abortion provider defensible as a "justifiable homicide". Then there's the Federal "Protect Life Act" that would allow hospitals to refuse to perform emergency abortions -- even if the woman would die without one. What kills me is that these people sincerely do not see the irony in the fact that they call themselves "Pro-Life".
  • Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee is throwing Straw Men into the ring with his comparison of abortion to slavery, claiming that a woman's right to choose to have an abortion or not is analogous to a slaver having the power of life and death over a slave. Nice try, Mike. But an embryo is not a person, it's a group of cells with the potential to become a person. By that logic, if you donate an ovum, you're guilty of human trafficking? But if you're so concerned about it, maybe you could take some time out of your campaign schedule to address the real and ongoing issues of forced prostitution and human trafficking that are still happening in our country every single day?
  • And then there's this Canadian judge who needs to be taken into a dark alley to be pawed and penetrated by a 250 pound drunk and then see if he still thinks rape can be explained away as "misunderstood signals and inconsiderate behaviour," excusable if the rapist is "insensitive to the fact (she) was not a willing participant."
  • He must be having drinks at the boys' club with the politicians who thought it would be a good idea to specify that federal funding can only be used for abortions resulting from "forcible" rape. You know, as opposed to the enjoyable kind.

Is it any wonder that I'm feeling a little defensive, lately?

I hate politics. I don't usually have really strong feelings about "party" associations. I do lean to the left on most social issues. But, in general, I also agree with Mark Twain that most politicians are idiots, regardless of party affiliation.

But given the increase in outright attacks on women's rights and women's issues coming primarily from the right side of the aisle recently, I'm really not loving the Republican Party these days.

In fact, I'm starting to feel a bit like the proverbial moose in the GOP's helicopter lights. *BLAM*

I dunno about you, but my head's not going to be mounted in someone's den without a fight.

Dear Republican Party:
Screw you, too, you misogynistic SOBs. 
Bring it on,


Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.
~ Pericles (430 BC)


  1. Just FYI, the 'allowing abortion activists to kill docs' bill has been 'shelved,' and the bill to have the death penalty for miscarriage, well, that one is okay, cuz it's only for miscarriage that is caused by 'human factors,' ie; abortion. Natural God-caused miscarriage is still okay under the law, thank goodness!

    Since women still comprise 51% of the registered voters, I'm curious: Are republican males smoking CRACK?!? Did they not enjoy their little victory a few months ago???

    I think what's happening is the Repubs are letting the tea party radicals shoot themselves in the feet with these ridiculous proposals so wimmenfolk will get huffy, then they'll propose a much gentler plan to just reverse Roe v. Wade hoping womyn will just say "Whew! Well! Okay!! THAT we can deal with!"

    That Canadian Judge? He just needs to be a little too drunk before he's overwhelmed by the 250lb manrapist, so we can convince him his signals were mixed and such.


  2. Speaking of which: Did you hear about the unbelievable anti-abortion billboard in NYC? http://nyp.st/h9qqTu

  3. I absolutely disagree with all of their opposition to abortion access, obviously, but I can intellectually comprehend why anti-abortion advocates are anti-abortion, or at least, the reasons they give. What I don't get is why they defund and restrict birth control every chance they get -- leading to probably the biggest factor in increased abortions there is. If abortions can't be had legally and safely, they'll be sought anyway. By attacking things like Planned Parenthood, these morons are responsible for the abortions that result. Hypocrites.

  4. With you on all fronts, but the one that made me drop my jaw (well, aside from the fact that one of them was CANADIAN) was the miscarriage as murder thing... I mean, while I don't agree I can at least connect the dots for the abortion is murder crowd, but miscarriage?

  5. Zen, don't you know, fertility decisions are for republicans!

  6. Mintz: Next step, get rid of that pesky right to vote for women. That'll fix things!

    YEO: Oh, that's klassy, eh?

    Kim: Exactly! AS my friend Jason said on Twitter recently, "The House - Planned Parenthood no, accidental parenthood yes. #idiots"

    SFD: They've gone mad, I tell ya. Stark raving mad.

    Jenn: But the GOP espouses "small government", remember? Oh, um, unless it has to do with regulating sex or morality. Then they wanna be all up in yer bid-ness.

  7. It's horrifying. This is why I live in my little bubble of entertainment. Everything's okay when there's a new Farrelly Brothers movie in the theaters.

  8. Nothing surprises me with those guys anymore. Miscariage a crime? Seriously?